Servicing the Restaurant, Catering
and Hospitality Industry Since 2005.

PCK Distributors is your one-stop shop for everything food-related in the restaurant and hospitality industry. From essential dry goods, cheeses, cold meats, frozen or fresh meats, fish, chicken, cleaning materials and food packaging. We have it all under one roof.

We offer truly fast, reliable and comprehensive solutions to your hospitality and catering needs. With our fleet of multi temp trucks we can deliver quickly and efficiently.

We also source and prepare ready-made meals with dedication to consistent quality of ingredients and final product, accurate standardisation of portions and consolidation of sustainable suppliers. Whether you’re plating up thousands of meals a day or just opening up shop, PCK Distributors has a range of quality products and the industry standing  and experience to cater to every taste and every need.

Modern temp Controlled PCK Fleet

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